2 september 2021

Replacing tools to save the organization

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Erica Toelle is Office 365 Compliance Expert bij Microsoft. In 2018 werd zij gekozen tot Most Valuable Professional (MVP) van Microsoft. Voor de Od Kennissessie op dinsdag 7 december komt ze naar Nederland en zal spreken tijdens de plenaire opening. In het Engels stond ze ons alvast te woord.

If I’d like to start working with Office 365 in my organization, what should I take into account??
‘Content created in Office 365 will have some records. So it is important to identify these records and manage them.’

What are the biggest pitfalls for organizations that archive information through Office 365?
‘Most people do not know we offer compliance data connectors to archive data in Microsoft 365 from other systems, such as Slack, social media, and other messaging platforms. Once archived in Microsoft 365 the data can be managed with retention, supervision, and other Microsoft compliance solutions. These connectors can often replace other tools to save the organization money.’

What should I pay attention to in terms of laws and regulations at Office 365?
‘Use the Compliance Manager solution, located in the Microsoft 365 Compliance Center, to track your process toward specific laws and regulations. Compliance Manager allows you to select a specific law or regulation and then shows you a checklist of the actions to be compliant.’

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